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Special Abilities: [Clones] [Shield]
Create Chase: [Knockdown]
Pursuit Status: [1 Chase] [Repulsed]
  • Akatsuchi

MysteryTaiEarth Style – Golem Jutsu: Resummons the stone Giant, or cause damage and Knockdown to the entire enemy team if stone Giant already exists in the field. This skill is immune to Interruption.
StandardNinEarth Style – Petryfing Jutsu: Creates a shield based on your own resistance to 2 units with the least life on the team.
ChaseTai, NinEarth Style – Sphere of Graves: Chase and Attack the Repulsed enemy and cause Knockdown.
PassiveNinSummon Stone Giant: At the beginning of a combat, summon 1 Stone Giant of 100% life of the original body.
PassiveNinDefender of Hidden Stone: At the beginning of a combat, increase the shield of up to 6 ninja bodies for  earth or fire attributes in your own team based on 40% of your own resistance.

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