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Ay [The Fourth Raikage]

Crowd Control: [Paralysis]
Debuffs: [Tag]
Create Chase: [High Float] [Knockdown]
Pursuit Status: [1 Chase] [High Floated]
  • Ay [The Fourth Raikage]

Ay The Fourth Raikage
MysteryNinLightning Protector[Prompt]: When used become immune to all Debuffs during the round, launch 4 standard attacks and increases Critical Hit rate.
StandardTai, NinLightning Plough Hot Sword: Attacks a random enemy and causes Tag, also has a chance of Triple Combo and High Float.
PassiveTai, NinLateral Bolt of Pain Dance: In the case of a tagged ninja from the enemy team replaces standard attack might cause a certain 5 combo attack and High Float to 1 tagged enemy individual and then dispers its Tag.
PassiveNinAggressivness: Immune to Low Float, High Float, Repulse and Knockdown. Heals oneself by a certain percentage in case of damage caused by a Taijutsu attack.
ChaseTai, NinLightning Style – Liger Bomb: Chase and Attack the High Floated enemy and cause Knockdown and Paralysis.

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