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Breeze Dancer – Empress Build


My name is Aaron, but you can call me Hiun.
What we have here is your basic lineup for the Breeze Dancer. It’s so popular it was given the name “Empress Build”, because that’s precisely what it is.
It’s most useful in Survival Trials, and the lower levels of the ninja exam. However, i seen the best use for this in Elite Instances.
When choosing a Summon, it’s best to know that for each Summon, there is a higher grade of the same chase. so in this case you can choose either White Tiger or Lightning Tiger King, with the King being the higher grade.
There are a few things you should do for this Build, and those include high level equipment refining and high mood levels. i gave this team the following moods:
Main: Fickle (+Ninjutsu, -Defense)
Hinata: Joyful (+Life, -Ninjutsu)
Karin: Frantic (+Ninjutsu, -Resistance)
Kurenai: Horrified (+Resistance, -Attack)
Some of you may be more focused on Attacking than defending, so choose wisely if you wish for a different mood.
when starting a fight, the most important thing to note is that you need to assess the situation. are you going to get hit real hard in the first round or will they defend? if you think they’ll strike hard, you can either warm up kurenai’s shield or make hinata use her shield to prevent standard attacks from coming through. once the 2nd round begins, you want to hit as hard as you can with the mains special. go for their main or a very important ninja on the opponents side, such as sasuke or healing ninjas. this attack deals Aoe damage, and striking ninjas that aren’t shielded up makes their team crumble pretty fast.

once you’re through the first punch, your enemy will most likely strike your main. watch closely to see if she gets controlled. if she does, use karins special to heal. if she doesn’t, use kurenai’s shield if you haven’t already. with high mood levels, kurenai’s shield can exceed 5,000 in the level 70 range. once the 3rd round begins, send your main back for a 2nd punch to cripple their big fish and begin picking off the rest.
pretty simple, don’t you think?

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