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Crowd Control: [Blindness]
  • Cee

MysteryNinLightning Style Genjutsu – Flash Pillar[Prompt]: Cause Blindness up to 9 non Lightning Ninja individuals from both parties for 1 round, and then disperse all Buffs on them.
StandardTaiTaijutsu Attack: Attacks the front enemy and causes Knockdown and Blindness and has a chance of Triple Combo.
PassiveNinQuick Healing Jutsu: Before each action, healing 1 ninja with the lowest life from your team and disperse 1 layer of Debuffs.
PassiveNinChakra Inhale: Whenever the chakra skill of the enemy produces effects on you and team members, obtain 100% of the chakra it consumes.
Passive NinPower of Lightning: Increase Resistance and Defense by 20% for each ninja with Lightning attributes on your team.

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