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Chojuro [Mist’s Seven Swordsman]

Create Chase: [High Float] [Repulse]
Pursuit Status: [1 Chase] [High Floated]
  • Chojuro [Mist’s Seven Swordsman]

Chojuro Mist's Seven Swordsman
MysteryTai, NinHiramekarei Liberation[Prompt]: Cause Water attribute damage to the entire enemy team and High Float to the selected enemy.
StandardTai, NinSweep: Attack 3 bodies at the front at random and has a chance of Repulse.
PassiveNinNinja Sword: 2 Standard attacks will be launched each round.
ChaseNinWater Style – Water Wall: Chase and Attack the High Floated enemy and cause Repulse.
PassiveNinPower of Water: Increase the Ninjutsu and attack of each ninja with Water attributes from your team by 8%

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