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Combo Guide

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Today I want to talk about Combos, but first let me explain what combos are and what the condition is to create one.

A combo allows you to deal additional damage per turn and inflict status effects, but not every ninja has the requirement to create or follow up. To create a combo you must put the opponent ninja in a state of Low Float, High Float, Knockdown or Repulse and have a ninja which can follow up with a Chase of that state, each chase unless stated otherwise can only be used once per turn. Let’s take Sasuke as example.


The 3* Sasuke is one of the few ninja which has 3 Chases, which is great to build up extensive combos let me try to visualize it for you.
Sasuke uses his Standard attack Chidori Blade, it has a chance to put the opponen in a state of Low Float, Sasuke will follow with his Chase Fire Style – Flame Jutsu and attack the Low Floated enemy and cause Repulse. Unfortunatly Sasuke cannot chase a repulsed enemy, this is where we use other Ninja to complement our Combo game.Combo_Guide_2Now that we have Tenten in our Team she will chase the Repulsed opponent with her Weapon Control – Gigantic Iron Ball and cause High Float. We switch back to which Chases the High Floated enemy with Chidori Sharp Spear which is a great chase, since it consists of quite a lot hits (Hit counter on the right side on the battle screen) we are able to follow up with two chases. First Sasukes Fire Style – Dragon Flame Jutsu and then with Tenten Double Dragon which both trigger when you get a hit count of 10 or more into your opponent. Now it’s important to mention that if you have two chases of the same type (Triggered with a 10 combo at least) the Ninja who has higher Initiative (placement or refinements) will trigger first.

Now with the current ninja, the only way to trigger this Combo is that Sasukes basic attack will cause the target to Low Float, while the chance is there it’s no good to rely only on that.Combo_Guide_5 Let’s take my Water main Azure Fang to the mix who can cause Knockdown with Water Style – Super Shark Bomb. Sasukes skill Kirin also causes Knockdown to one target, this is the perfect setup for our next Ninja who can Chase Knocked Down opponents.


With Neji we filled our fourth slot and get the Tank we needed and also a Chase for Knocked Down opponents which will allow us to use our Combo more reliable, below you can see the possibilities

Neji Combo through Mystery Skills
Neji Combo through Standard Attack
Tenten Combo through Mystery Skills
Tenten Combo through Standard Attack
Azure Fang Combo through Mystery Skills
Azure Fang Combo through Standard Attack
Sasuke Combo through Mystery Skills
Sasuke Combo through Standard Attack

Once you challange Clone of Kakashi in South Konoha to test your team composition, he is great for testing combos. At level 50 you can extend your Main Characters chases by one with Summons.

One important thing to mention, you always want multiple start points for your combo, you don’t want your combo to fall apart if one of your ninja died or is disabled. So if you want to rely on extensive combos you need to make sure you can also pull them off to make it worthwhile.

If you have questions, feel free to let me know in the comments below.

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  • matbam

    and for better help u can use this 😛

    • Trickz

      Yes, once there is a english version I will link it in the post.

      • matbam

        i will later .. i play this a lil bit longer now 🙂

    • Trickz

      If you read through the guide, please do tell how you liked it.

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    • Trickz

      link works fine here

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  • Henker

    Easy mode to get combos of anytime is to focus on 2 states where your ninjas will chase the enemy. For example a up and down combo. Ninjas who cause knockdown and high floated with normal combo, specials and the chases. The good thing about it is that loosing one Ninja dont breaks your combo, only lower its effectivity not regarding on which ninja cant chase. For example: (Kakashi, Main (chase knockown and cause high float), Rock Lee, Neji). Some thoughts on my part^^

    Guide tells all what you have to know about combos i think. You explained a possible combo in detail and how you build it. Great guide at all.