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Crowd Control: [Paralysis]
  • Darui

MysteryNinGale Style – Black Panther[Prompt]: Cause Lightning and Water attribute damage and Paralysis against up to 7 enemy bodies and Knockdown to the selected enemy.
StandardTaiLightning Style – Reverse Lift: Attacks the front enemy and has a chance of Triple Combo and causing High Float and Paralysis.
ChaseNinGale Style – Laser Circus: Triggered with 10 or more combo, cause Ninjutsu damage and Paralysis to 3 enemy bodies at random.
ChaseNinWater Style – Water Wall: Chase and Attack the High FLoated enemy and cause Repulse.
Passive NinGale Style Barrier – Thunder Cloud Void Wave: Launch a barrier – Lightning Cloud Wave at the beginning of a combat. Increases the attack and Ninjutsu by 40% for all ninjas with Lightning and Water attributes on your team if the barrier is activated. Launch one extra attack by oneself each round.

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