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Equipment Refinement Guide

Equipment Refinement unlocks at level 40 and dramatically can change the outcome of battles. High level refinements can allow for huge advantage as they provide additional secondary stats like Initiative, Combo, Injury for more info about secondary stats you can read the Stats Guide.

InitiativeIncrease action speed (The higher the more likely you attack before your opponent)
CriticalIncrease probability of launching critical attack and reduce the chance of suffering a critical attack.
InjuryIncrease damage done by critical attacks and reduce damage taken by critical attacks.
ComboIncrease chance to combo of basic attacks and reduce the chance to take combos by basic attacks
ControlIncrease the chance to control your opponent and reduce the chance to be controlled.

To refine your Equip you need Refinement runes, currently there are 10 levels of refinement for certain levels you need a different type of Refine rune. Low Level Refine Rune (1-4), Medium Refine Rune (5-7) and Advanced Refine Rune (8-10). refining gear is very simple, click on the Gear Type you want to refine and click on Refine. If it succeeds you get the Refinement stats. If it fails you get a Blessing Point, the higher your Blessing Point the higher the chance that it will succeed. If your Blessing Point bar fills up till the end you will also gain the Rank. As each Refinement level Requires more and more Blessing Points to fill up the bar, the chance to gain instantly a rank decreases making higher level Refinements harder to reach.

Low Level Refine Runes can be bought from the Shop for 13 Coupons/Ingot, Medium Level Refine Runes for 25 and Advanced Level Refine Runes for 38.

LevelPoints RequiredMaterialStats
110Low Level Refine Rune0
220Low Level Refine Rune40
330Low Level Refine Rune85
440Low Level Refine Rune125
570Medium Refine Rune165
6100Medium Refine Rune210
7200Medium Refine Rune250
8500Advanced Refine Rune315
9??Advanced Refine Rune435
10??Advanced Refine Rune??

If you can fill up the blanks, feel free to leave a comment!

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  • idedonline

    5 – 6 Refine require 70, 6-7 requires 100 and thats as far as I have got

    • Trickz

      Thanks I included those and level 8-9 🙂

  • Sander Beeldsnijder

    Stats on level 10 is 665, also points required to go from 9 to 10 is 1000.