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[Events] August 25th 2016

This page will be updated with more information once the Updates are live tomorrow.

1. The Event “Goldfish Fishing” is still on and keeps improving! To give everyone a bigger change of getting a better ninja, Akatsuki’s Kisame is arriving!! Meanwhile, please notice that Akatsuki’s Kisame is also available to be exchanged as fragments in the Group’s Shop. You can use it to get Kisame faster!
Take some time, relax and go fishing for new fish that might be exchanged for ninjas’ fragments and other rewards!
Event Period: August 25-31
Requirements: Players must have reached Level 30 in order to participate.

How To:

1. Complete Plot/Elite Instances, draw in the Seal Scroll Treasure or Tendo Treasure to obtain paper nets.
2. Use paper nets to catch goldfish and earn credits.
3. Use credits to redeem for amazing rewards.
4. Drawing 1 time from Seal or Tendo Treasure can get you 2 paper nets.
5. Spend 50 Stamina and get 2 to 3 paper nets.
6. Redeem details:
a)   10.000 Coins = 20 points
b)   1 x BBQ = 20 points
c)   1 x Meat Ball = 40 points
d)   1 x Level 2 Magatama Pack = 50 points
e)   1 x Kabuto Fragment = 120 points
f)    1 x Kisame Fragment = 180 points
2. “Time-limited Ninja Recruitment” event added. Ninjas looking to get stronger can enter it and get ninja’s fragments or new items; we welcome everyone to check it!
Event Period: August 25-31
1、Players must have reached Level 11 in order to participate.
2、The event will only be opening in servers that have been open for more than 7 days
How To:
1. Complete daily missions, Plot/Elite Instances, players will have a chance to get keys (random).
2. Use keys to open the treasure to earn treasure points.
3. The normal situation is for the player to obtain 3 Points, but the more the times you open the Treasure, the bigger the chances of getting more points!
4. Use treasure points to redeem amazing rewards.
a)  1 x Meat Ball = 2 Treasure Points
b)  1 x Low-Level Refine Rune = 4 Treasure Points
c)  1 x BBQ = 5 Treasure Points
d)  1 x Asuma [Wind Blade] Fragment = 12 Treasure Points
e)  1 x Pain – Gakido Fragment = 15 Treasure Points
f)   1 x Stamina Potion = 15 Treasure Points
5. Players also can buy Treasure’s Key in Shop.
3. The new “Strong Ninja” Page was updated, Pain – Gakido and Asuma [Wind Blade]’s details and their presentations have been upload, simultaneously, the website and the forum will also be receiving their analysis! Please, note that the event will only be opening in servers that have been open for more than 7 days!

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