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[Events] Events Oct 13th

1.”Ninja’s Character Plates” event added. Try to collect all the character plates to celebrate the Naruto Onlinegame! Various rewards await you!
Event Period : Oct 13th – 19th
a)Clear Plot/Elite instances to get mysterious scrolls, which can be opened to get different character plates.
b)All character plates can be turned into points. You can use them redeem various rewards in the shop
c) Offering a whole set of character plates can get you more points than offering scattered plates.
2. “Treasure of the Sage” event added. What are the valuables inside the treasure? Use your key to open the gate of surprises!
Event Period:Oct 13rd-19th
a) Use Sage’s Key to open the Treasure of the Sage, when you open it, you will receive random rewards.
b) After opening the treasure, 4 random items will appear with different discounts. By refreshing, you can get different items and different discounts. Also, you can also get random rewards by refreshing the valuables in the treasure.
c) Complete Plot/Elite Instances to get Sage’s Key, you can get a maximum of 5 Sage’s Key daily. The Sage’s Key can be bought in the Time-Limited Shop as well.
d) Players may get a max. discount of 40%! Try your luck!
3. New packs available in the “Time-Limited” shop, enjoy the discounts and overwhelming prices of the “Limited Seals Pack” and “Sannin War Ninja Pack” every day, go and give them a shot!
a) Limited Seals Pack
Event Period:Oct 13rd-19th
Requirements: Players must have reached Level 10 in order to participate.
Daily Purchase Limit: 10 Times
Details: Players can get ninja fragments and random magatamasafter opening a Special Seals Pack.
b) Sannin War Ninja Pack
Event Period: Oct 16th-19th
Requirements: Players must have reached Level 10 in order to participate.
Daily Purchase Limit: 10 Times
Details: Players can get 5 ninja fragmentsrandomly after open a Sannin War Ninja Pack.
4.”Clothing System” will be available after the maintenance. Show your personality with new costumes and imagine a new story in the Naruto universe!
Event Period: Oct 13rd-19th
Requirements: Players must have reached Level 44 in order to participate.
a) Find “Clothing” by clicking the “Battle Armor” icon.
b) Collect certain fragments to synthesize a costume. Unblocked clothing attributes can be stacked, the more unblocked the higher the attributes.
5. Players can open specific gift packs with “Batch use” option from now.
6.A number of reported bugs have been fixed.

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