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Formation Guide – Positions, Attack Order and more

I want to talk about how a proper formation can change the tide of a battle significantly. Also make sure you read the Combo Guide

All passive skills (buffs, summons, shields) will activate in the order that they are dragged into your team, this means that if you drag a character with clones first into place and afterwards a ninja with shield (Iruka, Gaara) these clones will benefit from the clone and potential attack/ninjutsu increase.

You will always attack the ninja that is in front of you, unless there is a ninja with “taunt“. This means if you put 3 ninja in a row you can focus all three basic attacks on one opposing ninja, but this also means that the one character you left alone can be focused the same way.

There are 9 positions you can place your ninja. This is your battlefield

7  (War Kiba)      4 (Azure Fang)         1 (War Kiba Clone)
8  (Sasuke)      5 (Iruka)       2
9        6         3

Initiative indicates the order of attack in battle, where having a higher initiative permits you to act before your opponent in the corresponding position. When you look at the picture above, you can see over my ninja formation “move 1, move 2, move 3, move 4”. The general flow of battle is like this, first both ninja at Move 1 will move, then Move 2, Move 3, Move 4. Ninjas will cast mysteries/launch standard attacks/ chase attacks (If you have two of the same type as example) in their moving order. Skills with a “[Prompt]” tag gain bonus initiative and some skills have a higher initiative then other by default (mostly interrupts as I noticed).

Since my Azure Fang is first to move I have huge advantage versus most teams who use a tank (Hinata, Neji, Kimimaro) as first position. Because of that on the second turn with 40 chakra, I will be able to use my Super Shark Bomb in combination with Neurotoxin and with a bit of luck disable the opponent ninja who wants to use his skill. This allows me to negate damage, and start my combo take the video below as example.

If I were to put Azure Fang in Place of Sasuke I would have no chance to attack in relevant time with Azure Fang to disable my opponents ninja and negate any damage.

If you still have questions or want me to cover a topic feel free to leave a comment below.

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  • Dust

    Do the “prompt skills gain bonus initiative” have any common order? Like Single Target gain more initiative than AOE or something like that?

    • Trickz

      Hello, I have no information regarding that sorry.

  • Terence Fornelosa Trajano

    What determines Passive order for teams? My enemy seems to always prompt their passives after mine even if they have higher overall initiative. This messes with my passive barrier as it gets replaced with theirs.

    • Trickz

      Unfortunately I’m not sure.

      • Michael Collins

        What is the best easy to get team for fire main?? Please let me know and thanks. ALso which server do you use?

      • DD

        I think it’s the initiative