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Fu Yamanaka

Special Abilities: [Clones] [Recovery] [Shield]
Crowd Control: [Chaos]
Create Chase: [Low Float]
  • Fu Yamanaka

Fu Yamanaka
MysteryTai, NinMind Destruction Jutsu: Cause damage to the selected enemy and cause Chaos (during this debuff, the enemy will attack 1 unit of its own lineup for 1 round).
StandardTaiTaijutsu attack: Attacks the front enemy and has a chance of Quadruple Combo and Low Float.
PassiveNinSense: Recover life by 8% when your own team recovers chakra.
PassiveNinMind Transfer Puppet Jutsu: At the beginning of a battle and before each action of every round. Summon a Puppet (its Life will be based on 15% of the value of the original body) Every unit that causes Ninjutsu damage to the Puppet but didn’t defeat it will suffer from Chaos Status. Only one of these Puppets can be created.
PassiveNin“Foundation” Guardian: At the beginning of a battle, generates a Shield to up to 9 Fire or Lightning attributes ninjas from your field based on 30% of this unit’s Resistance base attribute.

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