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Crowd Control: [Interruption]
Create Chase: [Knockdown] [Low Float]
Pursuit Status: [1 Chase] [Repulsed]
  • Jugo

MysteryTaiLiving Wall Fist – Style Zero[Prompt]: Generates a Shield for this unit. If this Shield is cancelled or destroyed during the round in which it was launched, then, this skill’s effect will be cancelled. If the Shield is only eliminated in the next round, then this unit will cause Taijutsu damage to the opponent’s entire Lineup, it will also cause [Knockdown] to a selected unit.
StandardTaiTaijutsu attack: Attacks the front enemy and has a chance of a Triple Combo and Low Float.
ChaseTai, NinLiving Wall Fist – Pressure Increase: Chase and Attack the Repulsed enemy and cause Knockdown.
PassiveNinBloodthirsty: If one enemy individual is killed by a standard attack, Jugo will have one extra action.
PassiveTaiThe power of Curse Tag: At the beginning of a combat, increase Taijutsu attack and Ninjutsu of all “Curse Tag” units in the team, and apply a shield based on your own resistance.

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