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Killer Bee [Seven Sworded Thug]

Crowd Control: [Paralysis]
Create Chase: [High Float] [Knockdown]
Pursuit Status: [1 Chase] [Knocked Down]
  • Killer Bee [Seven Sworded Thug]

Killer Bee Seven Sworded Thug
Mystery Tai Yo[Prompt]: Release in Selected units of your lineup to get the target to launch one extra standard attack each round (this cannot be overlapped with other extra standard attack effects), immune to interruption for two rounds.
Standard Tai Seven Sword Stream: Attacks the front enemy with 7 combo and has a chance of Knockdown.
Passive Nin Tailed Beast Chakra: Before each action, recover life based on Ninjutsu and become immune to all Debuffs.
Passive Nin Tailed Beast Instructor: At the beginning of a combat increase 50% resistance of shield as well as 30% of Ninjutsu and attack to up 6 Jinchuriki Ninja from your team.
Chase Tai, Nin Lightning Plough Hot Sword.: Chase and Attack the Knocked Down enemy, also causes High Float and Paralysis.

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