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Crowd Control: [Slowing Down]
Create Chase: [High Combo] [Low Float]
  • Kurotsuchi

MysteryNinLava Style – Quicklime Jutsu[Prompt]: Cause Earth and Water attribute damage and slowing down to the entire enemy team. (in slow down state the, enemy will start his action at the end of a round)
StandardTaiEarth Style – Lightened Boulder Jutsu: Gain one extra standard attack to 1 ninja at random (not to be overlapped with the effects of other standard attacks).
ChaseTai, NinEarth Style – Erupt: Chase and Attack the Repulsed enemy and cause Low Float.
ChaseTai, NinWater Style – Water Trumpet: Triggered with a 10 combo at least with damage and High Combo against 3 enemy bodies at random.
PassiveTaiPower of Earth: Increase Ninjutsu by 12% for each ninja with Earth attributes from your team.

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