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Create Chase: [Knockdown]
Pursuit Status: [1 Chase] [Knocked Down]
  • Mabui

MysteryNinNinja Art – Lightning Transmission Jutsu[Prompt] Cause Ninjutsu damage to the selected enemy and Knockdown. If killed by this skill, the enemy will not resurrect.
StandardNinHealing Jutsu: Heals 1 ninja with the lowest life from your team and disperse 1 Debuff on him.
PassiveNinReport: Recover 40 chakra points before action. Can be triggered twice at most each round.
ChaseTaiSecretary Fight: Chase and  Attack the Knocked Down enemy and cause Knockdown.
Passive NinDefender of Hidden Cloud: At the beginning of a combat, increase the shield of up to 6 ninja bodies with Water or Lightning attributes on your team based on 40% of your own resistance.

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