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Magatama Guide

Magatama offer a significant boost on the base stats of your ninja. The current max level of Magatama is 6.

You can purchase Magatama from the Shop for Coupons/Ingot or receive them via Ninja Exam.

Life MagatamaIncrease Life
Attack MagatamaIncrease Attack (Taijutsu)
Defense MagatamaIncrease Defense
Ninjutsu MagatamaIncrease Ninjutsu
Resistance MagatamaIncrease Resistance
Name/Stat Gain123456
Life Magatama154569106162251
Attack Magatama10304671109168
Defense Magatama618304671110
Ninjutsu Magatama10304671109168
Resistance Magatama618304671110
Exp Required to Level up1030902708102430

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  • EighthRisen

    for hinata will the ninjustu rune increase her chance of doging for her mystery cause im not sure if a shoul but ninjustu runes on her

    • Trickz

      It will not increase the chance of dodging.

  • ki

    hey its worth buy 1 lvl 4 attack once give 70+ or its ebtter buy low lvl 1 once 30 15 cash for low and 135 cash for the lvl 4 once?.

    • Trickz

      Your choice tbh, i usually buy lvl 1 to combine them with other magatama if needed.

      • ki

        but how u update it u need all 5 lvl 2 to get one lvl 3 or? or those lvl up self?.