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Mei Terumi [The Fifth Mizukage]

Special Abilities: [Buff Fire] [Buff Water]
Crowd Control: [Acupuncture] [Immobile]
Create Chase: [Knockdown] [Low Float]
Pursuit Status: [1 Chase] [Knocked Down]
  • Mei Terumi [The Fifth Mizukage]

Mei Terumi The Fifth Mizukage
MysteryNinVapor Style – Acid Explosion[Prompt]: Cause Water and Fire attributes damage and cause Ignition up to 7 enemy units and Low Float.
StandardTai, NinWater Style: Flowing Whip: Attacks the front enemy and has a chance of Triple Combo, Knockdown and Acupuncture.
PassiveNinCharm: Increase damage to male characters by 25%
PassiveNinVapor Style Barrier – Solid Fog Jutsu: Launches a barrier, Smart Fog Jutsu, at the beginning of a combat increases attack and Ninjutsu for all ninjas with Water and Fire attributes from your team by 40%. Causes Poisoning to 2 enemy individuals each round.
ChaseNinLava Style – Dissolving Jutsu: Chase and Attack the Knocked Down enemy and cause Low Float and Immobile

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