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Ninja Awakening Guide

Ninja Awakening unlocks at level 30. The feature requires various material which can be obtained from multiple sources, such as Shops, Plot Instance, Elite Instance, Survival Trial and Seal Treasure. The required amount changes on the quality of the upgrade. You can upgrade every few levels, each upgrade will give a increase in stats, but also increase the growth rate. The growth rate determines how much stats you get per level up. Below you can find a table of the Required material for each level. I will update them as I reach higher levels.

30GreenNinja Tool Pack2
35BlueNinja Tool Pack1
Practice Doll2
40Blue + 1Practice Doll2
Substitution Timber Pile2
45Blue + 2Practice Doll2
Substitution Timber Pile2
50Blue + 3Practice Doll3
Substitution Timber Pile3
55PurpleSubstitution Timber Pile4
Med Kit3
60Purple + 1Antidote4
Med Kit4
Explosiv Rune4
65Purple + 2Med Kit6
Explosiv Rune6
Ninja Boots4
70Purple + 3Med Kit8
Explosiv Rune6
Ninja Boots6
72GoldExplosiv Rune8
Ninja Boots7
Magic Training Pill6
75Gold +1Ninja Boots9
Magic Training Pill8
Chakra Thread6

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