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Onoki [The Third Tsushikage]

Pursuit Status: [1 Chase] [Knocked Down]
  • Onoki [The Third Tsushikage]

Onoki The Third Tsushikage
MysteryNinParticle Style – Atomic Dismantling Jutsu[Prompt]: Cause Earth, Wind and Fire attribute damage to up to 9 bodies from the enemy team and Knockdown to a selected enemy. If killed by this skill, the enemy will not resurrect.
StandardTai, NinEarth Style – Stone Fist Jutsu: Attacks the front enemy and causes Interruption, and has a chance of causing Repulse. Low chance of backache and no damage.
PassiveTaiEarth Style – Lightened Boulder Jutsu: Before the first action each round gain one extra standard attack to 1 ninja at random (cannot be overlapped with effects of other standard attacks).
ChaseNinEarth Style – Weighted Boulder Jutsu: Chase and Attack the Knocked Down enemy and cause High Float.
PassiveNinParticle Style Barrier – Genkai Jutsu: Launch a barrier, a world limitation jutsu, at the begninning of a combat. Increase attack and Ninjutsu for all ninjas with Earth, Wind and Fire attributes from your team by 40% if a barrier is activated.

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