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Sasuke [Susano’o]

Debuffs: [Ignition]
  • Sasuke [Susano’o]

Sasuke Susano'o
MysteryTai, NinSusano’o [Prompt]: Cause damage to the entire enemy team and Repulse the selected target. High chance of a Critical Hit.
StandardTai, NinChidori Blade: Attacks the front enemy and has a chance of Triple Combo and Low Float.
PassiveTai, NinSuper Armor Susano’o: Immune to Low Float, High Float, Repulse and Knockdown as well as pure Ninjutsu damage.
ChaseTai, NinSusano’o Attack: Triggered by a 10 combo at least with fire attribute Ninjutsu damage to 2 enemy bodies at random as well as certain critical hit.
ChaseNinInferno Style: Flame Control: [Chases and Attacks a Low Floated] unit, causes [High Float] and [Ignition] which will last for 3 rounds.

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