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Scarlet Blaze Control Team


Hi im Scar and id like to show u my pvp team for past 2 months almost 🙂
I play in S20 and im pretty attached to this team. It works vs most teams.

tobi position 1 – so he can counter those pesky Ao with dodge
neji position 2 – so he can counter other nejis and apply accupuncture (i use 2x lvl 5 refines on him to make sure hes faster than other nejis pos 2)
main position 3 – with dragon flame jutsu for extra combo start round 3
war tenten pos 4 – she works extreamly well with neji and team..combo..crit rate and apply her chase round 1 triggered by neji skill – 10 hit combo.

So normally u apply accupuncture on 1 key dmg dealer round 1+ random paralize from tenten. Round 2 use tobi for another set of accupuncture dmg and paralize. Round 3 main or tenten.

is a half control team + half glass cannon team. i like it very much works well in any situation…even war on longer fights.

peace 🙂

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