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Scarlet Blaze – Hashirama/Sage Naruto Team

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Hello Trickz here from S35, this is my current team. This team can deal alot of damage with few hits, has decent control with Iruka and Hashirama, but is also defensive pretty decent with shields and clones.

Hashirama and Iruka both provide a 30% buff to konoha ninja, Hashiramas Barrier will provide another 40% which increases your attack/ninjutsu by a lot.  The downside of this team is that it has no cleanse and hashiramas skill is easily canceled. If you own the Giant Katsuyu Summon you can use it in combination with fire style celestial prison to increase the combo to 5 and dish out more damage reliable at the cost of ignite.

A few other options are GNJ Neji for Iruka. While Sage Naruto isn’t required he is very good in this team, if you dont own him you can replace him with a other heavy nuker but might not get the same effect.

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