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Stats Guide

While a lot of the stats are self explanatory there are quite a few hidden away, below you find a indepth Stat Guide and what each of them does exactly.

LifeIncreases your Life
AttackIncrease damage done by Taijutsu (Physical) damage
DefenseReduce damage taken by Taijutsu (Physical) damage
NinjutsuIncrease damage done by Ninjutsu (Magical) damage
ResistanceReduce damage taken by Ninjutsu (Magical)
InitiativeIncrease action speed (The higher the more likely you attack before your opponent)
CriticalIncrease probability of launching critical attack and reduce the chance of suffering a critical attack.
InjuryIncrease damage done by critical attacks and reduce damage taken by critical attacks.
ComboIncrease chance to combo of basic attacks and reduce the chance to take combos by basic attacks
ControlIncrease the chance to control your opponent and reduce the chance to be controlled.
Wind, Fire, Water, Earth, Lightning ResistanceDecreases damage taken from targets Attribute
Attack PenetrationAffect Ninja Skill damage done by Taijutsu (Physical)
Ninjutsu PenetrationAffect Ninja Skill damage done by Ninjutsu
Damage ReductionLower damage taken.
Life RecoveryRecovers certain amount of HP every round.
Life, Attack, Defense, Ninjutsu, Resistance GrowthAffects the amount of stats gained per level up.

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  • Nic

    Wrong post. Sorry.

  • Jomelnelyna

    What does “Lower damage done to oneself” mean?

    • Trickz

      Means you take less damage.

      • Rikka_Himuro

        it’s loosely translated. it could also mean the debuff damage you take since it’s “done to oneself” or done by your own hands.

        • Trickz

          But it’s not.

          • Rikka_Himuro

            yea well how would you know unless someone told you so? obviously my point here is to show they aren’t being clear. surprised you didn’t get that.

          • Spade Espada

            This response may be 4 months old, but you stating the obvious makes you a complete hypocrite. For one, it’s literally impossible to deal damage to ONESELF if you were to use the loose interpretation like you’ve pointed out (unless you are Hidan that is, which doesn’t work like that if the rule just implies for himself. AKA, damage reduction would be the most useless stats aside from Hidan, therefore illogical to conclude). Surprise even you didn’t get Trickz overall message on “damage reduction.”
            And before you state chaos and other miscellaneous damage from debuffs as damage done by ONESELF, don’t, because that’s clearly NOT how it works. Tests have been done before both in NA and China and damage reduction is what is implied in its name: take less damage.

  • Chen Justin

    burp burp burp lol