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Status Effects Guide

In Naruto-Online there are quite a few status effects, special skills and abilities. While some of them are self explanatory, some are more confusing. Below you can find a short explanation to each effect and what it does. Except Poison and Ignition all debuffs only last one turn.

Crowd ControlDebuffsSpecial AbilitiesChases
Crowd ControlDescription
AcupunctureForbids to cast Mystery skill, also cancels any current Mystery skill if casted.
BlindnessAffected ninja cannot use standard attacks.
ChaosAffected ninja attack their own team.
ImmobileAffected ninja cannot perform any action.
InterruptionCancels Mystery skill, if opponent has more speed it’s possible the cancel fails.
ParalysisAffected ninja cannot use chases
SleepingAffected ninja cannot perform any action, this effect can get cancled if target is attacked.
IgnitionAffected ninja cannot be healed, will receive damage at the end of the turn.
PoisonAffected ninja will receive damage at the end of the turn. Poison can be stacked up to 4 times (damage will be added together)
TagSome ninja change their skill if opponent is under Tag effect (Hidan, Konan). Also reduces defense and resistance by 30%.
Special AbilityDescription
Buff ElementIncreases Stats of a Wind, Fire, Earth, Water or Lightning character.
Chakra DrainReduces opponents chakra.
Chakra RecoveryRecovers teams chakra.
CleanseRemoves Debuffs on own team.
ClonesCreates Clones, Puppets, Summons or similiar.
Decrease Taijutsu, Ninjutsu,
Resistance, Defense
Decrease opponents Res, Def, Tai, Nin
DisperseRemove Buffs on opponents team.
Double AttackStandard attack will be used twice per turn.
HealingHas a Healing ability.
Immune to ChaseImmune to chases
Immune to DebuffsImmune to Debuffs
Immune to NinjutsuImmune to Ninjutsu damage (Mixed damage Tai+Nin still works)
Increase Combo, Critical Hit,
Defense, Ninjutsu,
Resistance, Taijutsu
Increase own teams Combo, Crit, Def, Nin, Tai, Res
LifeleechRecovers HP with Taijutsu/Ninjutsu damage.
ReviveRevives himself or other ninjas.
ShieldCreates a Shield which absorbs damage.
TauntMakes the opponent attack the ninja with Taunt.
ChaseCreate ChasePursuit Chase
10 Combo
16 Combo
High Combo
Does a high combo hit.Chases a high combo hit
KnockdownKnockdown the opponentChases the Knocked Down enemy
RepulseRepulse the opponent (Repulse may cause damage to rear rank)Chases the Repulsed enemy
Low FloatCause Low Float to the opponentChases the Low Floated enemy.
High FloatCause High Floated to the opponentChases the High Floated enemy.

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    acupuncture lats 3 rounds, and ignition only lasts one round except if itachi or PB or susano sasuke ignite.