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Tenten [Great Ninja War]

Special Abilities: [Increase Critical Hit]
Crowd Control: [Paralysis]
  • Tenten [Great Ninja War]

Tenten Great Ninja War
MysteryTai, NinBashosen – Five Element Rout[Prompt]: Causes damage of Wind, Fire, Water, Lightning and Earth attributes, will also cause all the opponent’s units to suffer from [5 Combos].
StandardTaiTaijutsu attack: Attacks the front enemy and has a chance of Quadruple Combo and to cause Knockdown the enemy.
ChaseTai, NinBashosen – Earth Skin: Chase and Attack the Repulsed enemy and cause High Float, triggered twice at most each round.
ChaseNinBashosen – Heaven Lightning: Triggered with a 10 combo at least with Lightning attribute damage and causes Paralysis to 2 enemy bodies at random as well as a certain Critical Hit.
PassiveTaiCritical Hit Tips: At the beginning of a battle, will increase your Lineup’s Critical Hit Rate by 15%, lasts for 3 rounds.

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