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Top Beginner Mistakes

Wait for 10 Seal Scrolls
Group Donations
Take advantage of the guaranteed 3*
Avoid Server Hopping
Spend Ingots wisely
Choose the right Class
Only do A and S Rank Bounties
Keep your Stamina for Mondays
Level as fast as possible
Do your Elite Instances
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More Soon

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  • Nic

    Sorry this may sounds stupid but how do you reroll the 1st seal scroll?

    • Trickz

      Hello, you have to create a new account to create a new character on that server. Then level till you unlock the Seal Treasure and use the Mini Client to get the two Seal Scrolls. Keep in mind you cannot get a rare from Seal Treasure the first draw. But you can controle what ninja (Shizune, Karin, Gai, Kakashi) you get.

      • Nic

        I see thanks.

  • Daymian Rodriguez

    What in your opinion is the fastest way to level up

    • Trickz

      Make sure to do all daily missions, bountys, wanted missions and attent to 9 tails events with a good team. Also save stamina potion for mondays.

  • Jonathan Park

    what do you mean when you said “The first Seal Scroll you use on the Seal Treasure will be a 3* character.”
    Do you mean everybody can get 3 stars ninja from first seal scroll using 1 or 10?
    Doesn’t system guarantee at least 3 stars ninja if someone draw ten at once? (not only first time)

    • Trickz

      The very first roll during the tutorial will be a 3* so by making new accounts you can kinda try to get someone like Kakashi instead of karin or Guy. The guaranteed 3* every 10 draws are still there.

      • Jonathan Park

        Thank you for reply.
        I made a new account and tried that you said.
        after free draw of the bond and seal treasure, I used 2 seal scrolls on the seal treasure but the result was 1 each fragment of chiyo and kakuzu.
        Why I couldn’t draw 3 stars ninja like kakashi, but only one fragment of chiyo at the very first draw using the first one seal scroll?
        (the free draw on the seal treasure was one star sino)

        • Trickz

          I think it’s the first draw (doesnt cost scrolls). Or maybe they changed it, been quite a while sorry.

          • Vinzenz Stemberg

            Tried it out, yeah it’s changed, probably due to the new kongregate partnership maybe? Only got fragments for Suigetsu. Probably just never changed the text for the tutorial when they modified that.