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Torune Aburame

Special Abilities: [Chakra Drain] [Clones]
Debuffs: [Poison]
Create Chase: [Low Float]
Pursuit Status: [1 Chase] [Repulsed]
  • Torune Aburame

Torune Aburame
MysteryNinExtreme Secret Jutsu – Poisonous Dust Jutsu: Cause damage to up to 9 bodies from the enemy team and Poisoning. Absorb 10 chakra points from each hit target.
StandardTai, NinBeetle Sphere: Attacks the front enemy and absorb up to 20 chakra points, also has a chance of Triple Combo and Repulse.
ChaseTai, NinPhosphorus Destruction Insect: Chase and Attack the Repulsed enemy, causes Low Float and Poisoning
PassiveNinPoisonous Insect Clone: At the beginning of a combat, summon 1 insect clone with 100% life of the original body. With a Phosphorus Destruction Insect Body Skill, it can use a Beetle Sphere for a standard attack.
PassiveNinPhosphorus Destruction Insect Body: The enemy causing Taijutsu damage to the Ninja may receive Poisoning effect.

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